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SKO - The MCF of Sweden

The Military Christian Fellowship (MCF) of Sweden was formed in 1929 in Stockholm. We have about 200 members from all three branches of the Swedish Armed Forces. The aim of the MCF of Sweden is to promote a personal Christian faith and to work for fellowship between Christians in the Armed Forces.

We assemble at a major annual conference, when members come
from all over Sweden. We have our annual meeting, visit different
units, pray together, and spend time together as fellow officers in the mess.

The local groups are the base for SKO activities. There are three main local groups, one in Boden in the north of Sweden, one in Stockholm, and one in Eksjö in the south.

The motto of SKO is Luke 7:1-10. The story of how Jesus helps the Roman officer whose servant is dying. While Jesus is speaking about an officer’s everyday life, he is giving us a promise that those who believe shall be saved.

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